bianchi rapida

"RAPIDA" Twin Arms Mixer with fixed bowl

We are very proud of this queen of kneading machines. Thanks to this machine there are no more limits to dough making. It, in fact, works any type of dough both for bread and for confectionery products. Its movement ensures that the mixture is not heated which makes the machine incredibly reliable. The specification of our merging arms kneader include its soldered steel structure, the oil bath cast iron helical gears, its fully adjustable fork arm. Even the version having an extractable bowl has the same structural features and quality. Both for artisan trade use and industrial use.

Technical Features

  • Cast-iron structure
  • Gear in oil bath
  • Stainless steel bowl and arms
  • Adjustable fork-arm in all models
  • Two speed motor, incorporated in structure
  • Low voltage electrical controls
  • Total protection against accidents
  • Optional timer

Dati Tecnici

Models Dough cap. Bowl volume Powera Weight Width - Depth - Height
  Kg. max Lt. max KW Kg mm
IT-40 40/50 64 1,1/1,5 290 720x740x1500
IT-60 60/70 109 1,5/2,2 520 800x930x1550
IT-80 80/90 147 1,5/2,2 540 800x1000x1600
IT-120 120/130 180 1,8/3,1 810 920x1130x1800
IT-150 150/160 197 1,8/3,1 820 920x1130x1830


  • Possibility of automatic control panel
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Mounted on feet
  • Stainless steel grilled cover

Mixer useful for:

SEITAN dough
Ciabatta bread
Short bread
Panettone and Pandoro
Mother dough (yeast)
Puff pastry
Piadina (flat unleavened bread)