bianchi rapida

"RAPIDA" self-tipping spiral mixer

The background of this Spiral dough kneader with fixed, extractable bowl and with “expo" pouring system, is a reflection of our culture, tradition and high quality products. The kneader has a thick steel structure, with the bowl, base and tool made of stainless steel. The bowl inversion devise and the motion reducer make this machine suitable for use in industrial and artisan laboratories. A kneader with two bowl speeds and two spiral speeds combined with a stainless steel base ensure that this machine produces high quality aired and homogenous 80% up to 40% hydrated dough, no need for maintenance guaranteed by two separate motors on bowl and tool. The motor interruption devise ensures safety of use. Suitable both for artisan trade use as well as industrial use.

Technical Features

  • Reversal on the workbench or hopper or workbench and hopper
  • Flipping through a hydraulic piston
  • Tilting to the right or left
  • Mounted on feet
  • Reinforced welded steel structure
  • Stainless steel bowl and spiral-arm
  • Gear box driven bowl
  • Fully automatic work program
  • Two speeds bowl and spiral arm
  • Bow reversing on 1° speed
  • Two motors for bowl and spiral arm
  • Low voltage electrical controls
  • Motor brake gear: locking the mixer to a complete stop,
    so 100% guarantee against accidents

Technical Data

Models Dough cap. Cap. flour. Power Weight Width - Depth - Height
  Kg. max Kg. max KW Kg mm
SPR-75 A 120 75 3,3/7,1 1640 1970x1670x3050/2355
SPR-100 A 150 100 5/7,8 1700 1970x1700x3050/2355
SPR-125 A 200 125 5/7,8 1700 1970x1700x3050/2355
SPR-150 A 250 150 5,7/9,1 1770 1970x1700x3050/2355


  • Removable scraper stainless steel and teflon
  • Application chute pasta
  • Complete with digital electronics

Mixer useful for:

Artisan bread
Tin loaf
Ciabatta bread
Black bread
Panettone and Pandoro