bianchi rapida

"EXPO" self-tipping fork mixer

Kneading tradition, reliability and robustness, it kneads harder products with low water content without heating the dough. This machine was designed not only for bread but also for mixing, plaster mix, cosmetic mixtures and for buttons and pearls. The kneader has a retarder, two speeds and two separate motors on a bowl and tool. It is for artisan use and industrial use.
The AR and BR are overturnable both on a bench and on a hopper. It has the same characteristics of the fork kneader, which is overturnable with a hydraulic piston and mounted on legs. Suitable for artisan trade use and for industrial use.

Technical Features

  • Stainless steel bowl, scraper and fork-arm
  • Gear box driven bowl
  • Two speeds bowl and and fork-arm
  • Two motors for bowl and fork-arm
  • Fully automatic work program with two timers (optional)
  • Total protection against accidents
  • Low voltage electrical controls

Technical Data

Models Dough cap. Bowl volume Power Weight
  Kg. max Lt. max KW Kg
FORC-120 EXP 120/130 133 1,8/2,7 1395
FORC-150 EXP 150/170 175 1,8/2,7 1630
FORC-200 EXP 200/220 197 2,8/3,7 1670
FORC-250 EXP 250/270 255 2,8/3,7 1705
FORC-300 EXP 300/320 335 2,8/3,7 1770


  • Fully automatic work program with two timers
  • Dough slide application
  • Inverter device for FORK-120 / FORK-300 (rpm 45/90)

Mixer useful for:

Puff pastry
Short bread
Pan brioche
Panettone and Pandoro
Piadina (flat unleavened bread)