bianchi rapida

Fermentation Tank

Supreme quality

With Bianchi Rapida, there is no more secret. Today, everybody can make breads with current tastes, but with the quality of the past. That it so say breads which keep their freshness and preserve their crusty aspect and unctuous soft part longer. Your customers will love it. The architect of this supreme quality? The fermentation tank designed by Bianchi. Its secret? It automatically secures the repatition of the manufacturing of natural ferments just right for using which will be incorporated to the dough and will sow it.


Water + flour + lactic

Qualitative advantages

  • Flavor enhancement
  • Thinner crust
  • Resistance to mold and bacteria
  • Most nutritional value
  • Duration of bread

Economic benefits

  • Reduction in part of yeast
  • Reduction or elimination of additives
  • Lower manpower

Technical data

Models Dough cap. Power Weight Width - Depth - Height
  Kg. max KW Kg mm
MAF 100 110 0,55 100 860x450x660
MAF 200 220 0,75 105 1220x450x1400
MAF 300 330 2,2 280 1580x600x900