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Bianchi Rapida today

For over 100 years, Bianchi Rapida has produced equipment for the food industry, bakeries, confectioneries, and pizzerias. We are located outside Milan, Italy's financial heart.

The quality of our products is recognised throughout Italy and the world over. We boast a varied range of products handed down from one generation to the next.

Our products are known all over the world for being the most advanced in the preparation of dough. In fact, we produce spiral mixers, twin arms mixers, fork mixers and fermentation tanks.

Thanks our specialisation in the market, we are able to satisfy client's requirements in their choice of kneaders.

Bianchi Rapida engages highly skilled designers who plan every project by using state of the art technology: Invertor, CAD, 3D.

In the manufacturing phase we also make use of the most modern machinery, equipment and control ensuring highly precise and accurate assembly undertaken by highly qualified staff.

All our products feature a strong and enduring structure. Our philosophy is based on efficiency and quality with the plus that we are able to produce equipment which is entirely “Made in Italy”.

Our machines pass very strict tests before delivery to our clients.

Bianchi Rapida follows the client, coming from any part of the world, starting from the choice of the product in line with client's production requirements.