bianchi rapida


Bianchi Rapida was founded in 1912 by Angelo Bianchi, who started off as one of oldest companies operating in the bakery sector, transforming manual work into mechanic work. Innovations formed part of the idea of the period and therefore, within a few years, Bianchi Rapid became market leader, manufacturing its product entirely in its own units, from welding, to the screws and the electrical installation. Our clients hail from every part of Italy.

Bianchi Rapida producing all its product's parts, not only manages to build powerful, strong and high quality equipment but also builds robust, strong, high quality kneaders which function at higher speed and make a better dough, hence the use of the “RAPIDA”. This philosophy and capacity led Bianchi Rapida to soon become the world leader in the Italian baking world and a reference point for every bakery.

Bianchi Rapida did not stop with the Italian market, in fact within a few years it became international, participating in the most important industry fairs such as “IBA” in Germany, “Europain” in France, “IBIE” in America, “InterSicop” in Spain, “Modern Bakery” in Russia, “Fipan” in Brazil, “Gulfood” in Dubai, “Bakery Business” in India, obtaining important awards for its organization and quality. Subsequent generations remained ahead of their time and have never regressed in the quality offered by Bianchi Rapida and on their firm stand in maintaining the “Made in Italy” philosophy.

This trend of thought is still true to the present day, with a complete and innovative range of kneading machines which our clients love. We use state of the art technology to meet the client's objectives and ensure customer satisfaction.